25+ Best Happy New Year Love Quotes | HNY 2024 Quotes for Love

Did you have a happy new year? Did you also meet someone special on New Year’s Eve? Or perhaps, is there someone from your past that you met again and fell in love with all over again? If any of these situations apply to you then we have the perfect set of New Year Love Quotes for you. You see, when it comes to love, there’s no better time than the New Year to express our feelings and intentions towards that special person in our lives. We understand that it can be hard to find the right words at times like this but luckily for you we’ve got an amazing collection of quotes about love and New Year resolutions for your loved one. Let these quotes inspire and motivate you to take that leap of faith in love once again.

New Year is a perfect time to reflect on your life and set new goals for yourself. It is also a great time to rekindle your love life and chase those butterflies again! If you are looking for some inspiring quotes to keep your spirits high in the coming New Year, read on. Here are some amazing new year love quotes to make you happy, optimistic and hopeful about love in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year 2024 Love Quotes

  • 7 billion people on this Earth but you are the only one my heart beats for! Happy New Year, baby! May the coming says offer happiness and peace to us!
  • Through the times, I waited for this day to express my unbridled love for you and this New Year beginning seems to be a perfect one to show my feelings. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year my love.
  • Happy New Year to my prettiest girlfriend. I look forward to another lovely year together.
  • Some People Have Fine Eyes, Some Have Nice Smiles And Others Have Nice Face. But U Have All Of Them With A Nice Heart. Wish U A Happy New Year With Whole Heart.
  • I always dreamed of ringing in the New Year, by kissing the man I truly love. Thank you for making my dream come true.
  • Sometimes I think I’m in a dream as I find it very hard to realize that I have you by my side. But, it’s a reality and with that I want to make you a very special promise. My love, this New Year I want to be your chosen one, the one who makes you dream of a beautiful future and always brings comfort to your heart.
  • Make it a resolution to simply love with an open heart. Happy new year.
  • Happy New Year, my rock, my biggest support, my everything! So grateful to have such an amazing boyfriend as you are. May the next year bring you happiness and joy only. Love you so very much, happy New Year!

new year love quotes

  • I can’t believe I have this amazing life with you by my side. Cheers to another year of growing, loving and persisting. Happy New Year!
  • You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. And you’re the best thing that I’m taking with me into the next year. Happy new year!
  • When I wake up and see you lying next to me on the new year day, I can’t help but smile. It will be a good day simply because I started it with you. Happy New Year
  • Your love is the light that will illuminate all my days with happiness this New Year.
  • No matter how dark your day is, if your partner lights up your heart, then He/She will be the one for you. Happy New Year
  • May your life be filled with the same happiness and pleasure that you’ve showered my life with. I love you. Happy new year!
  • Whenever I look into your eyes, I see my whole life in the future; my dream is to have you with me forever! Happy New Year to my sweet girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • You became a part of me so fast. I can’t imagine my life without you in it, and I will do anything to be your girl till the end of time. Love you to the moon and back, baby. Happy New Year, be happy!
  • I have never known a person who is so pure and loyal. You have proved that true love does exist. Happy new year to world’s most amazing boyfriend!
  • May 2024 bring along happiness and glory for you. May our life be blessed with lots of love and romance. May we stay together forever. Happy New Year wishes to my love.
  • You have made all my wishes come true in last year. For the next year and years next to that, my only wish is, you be with me forever!
  • I promise this New Year that you will never feel alone for the rest of your life and that you will always have me.
  • Happy New Year to the most wonderful, most beautiful and the most important person in my life. I love you truly, my darling.

Happy New Year 2023 Love Quotes

  • Happy New Year! May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door!
  • True love does not have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Wish you a happy new year.
  • I wish just one thing from God on the advent of New Year that may our love multiply geometrically and grow into the most beautiful relationship with better understanding and stronger association of lifetime… Wishing a very romantic Happy New Year my love.
  • I want to love you as long as there’s a new year after every old one. I want to be with you always & forever. Happy new year sweetheart!
  • There is: Something in your smile which speaks to me, Something in your voice which sings to me, Something in your eyes which says to me, That you are the dearest to me. Happy New Year To My Love!!
  • I imagine the next year to be a year that will give new meaning to our relationship. Happy New Year my love.
  • This New Year I just have one resolution to make and want to keep it for life – I promise to love you more and more.
  • Your presence is the best present you could give me this holiday season. Happy holidays and Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! This is the time when you plan to make a new start and achieve your goals that you couldn’t achieve in the previous year. The New Year is a perfect time to find love and spend a wonderful year with that special person. Instead of going out on parties, why not stay at home and send your crush an amazing message to bring the love vibes in this cold night. If you have someone special in your life and want to wish him/her a Happy New Year filled with love, then look no further! Here are some amazing New Year Love Quotes for Him or Her that you can send them right now.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or sassy, we have just the perfect collection of New Year Love Quotes for you. This collection of New Year Love Quotes will help you find that someone special who can make your life even more beautiful. Let these love quotes from famous authors and poets be your inspiration to find love again this New Year.

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