Birthday Poems For Mom on Her Birthday

It’s time to celebrate your mom’s special birthday. Mom is a kind, loving and selfless person who always puts her family first. She is always there for you, no matter what. You could say that your mom is your best friend or you have birthday poems for mom. And as such, you have a special bond with her. Even though your mom has been a part of your life for a long time, you still feel the need to celebrate her birthday every year. Even though you have grown up, you still feel the need to show her how much she means to you. But that’s not all. Your mom also has some fantastic qualities that make her unique as well as special. These qualities are what make her the mother you now have. And with that in mind, you need to celebrate her birthday in a special way. So, here is a list of birthday poems for your mother to help you do just that.

Your mom deserves the best birthday you can give her. She has done so much for you and your family, so you should show her how much she means to you. Your mom has always been there for you and you want her to know how much she means to you. This article will give you great ideas on how to celebrate your mom’s birthday. Even though it might be hard, you should make the most of today

Birthday Poems for Mom

  • Mom, your birthday means so much to me;
    To have you in my life another year,
    The time I spent enfolded in your love,
    Each day, each moment with you is so dear.
  • I cherish the very special bond we have.
    You lift my spirit in so many ways.
    I celebrate your life; I honor you,
    And send to you my love and care and praise.
  • Happy birthday, Mom!
    I hope everyone can see,
    What a great mom you’ve always been,
    And how much you mean to me.
  • I always think about you,
    In times both good and bad,
    For the things you taught are with me,
    In happy times and sad
  • With your words, you touch my heart,
    Explain with love, that ignites a start.
    With your hands alone, you change the world,
    Untangle with calmness, when things get curled.

Birthday Poems For Mom

  • Every day you make me feel special,
    Like God, you care and bless me.
    Take this as a reason or not,
    But, without your love, I shall never be me.
    Happy Birthday to you.
  • Mom you’re the greatest, Mom you’re the best,
    You put up with all of us, we’re real pests
    You feed us, help us, and always are there,
    We thought we give you this “Happy Birthday” card, just to be fair
  • Are you an angel
    Or a genie perhaps
    You seem to have answers
    To all of life’s traps
    Are you a magician
    Or a fairy in disguise
    Troubles just wither away
    When I look in your eyes
    Maybe you are
    An angel, genie, magician, fairy
    All combined into one
    Beautiful person called Mommy
    Happy birthday
  • It’s your birthday, Mom.
    So I will raise a cheer.
    Without you, my special, loving mom,
    I would not be here.
  • Yes, I owe it all to you, Mom.
    From the time that I was small,
    You encouraged me in everything,
    And tried not to let me fall.
  • Throughout my life your caring,
    Brightened each and every minute.
    You loved me and enriched my life,
    And I’m so glad to have you in it!
  • Sisters are nice, brothers are too,
    Daddies are nice, and help me pull through
    But mothers are the real heroes to me,
    They help me and love me,
    My mother’s my friend and cheerleader, don’t you see?
  • My every heartbeat, and every breath,
    Every smile, tear and faith.
    Together, they scream out and pray,
    Times will change, world will change,
    But my love for you shall never fade away.
    Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • My mother I love,
    She came from above.
    Gentle and kind,
    A beautiful mind.
  • Today is her day,
    With a birthday bouquet.
    Her smile so warm,
    Our hearts will transform.
  • I wish her the most,
    With this little toast.
    Happiness and health,
    Internal wealth.

Funny Birthday Poems For Mom

  • Dear Mother I love you and want you to know,
    I think of you often wherever I go.
    You lift me up; you’re like walking sunshine;
    I am lucky to have a great mother like mine.
  • Your endless affection makes you special and rare;
    I’m always amazed by how much you care.
    What you’ve given to me I can never repay,
    Thank you, Mom, on your (40th, 52nd, etc.) birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my mom;
    As mothers go, you’re the bomb!
    You pick me up when I am down;
    Around you, I can’t wear a frown.
  • Your gifts cannot begin to say
    How much you deserve this holiday.
    Enjoy your birthday, Mom; take a break.
    Your supermom, so take the cake!
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue
    you are my mother and today is for you.
    The world became brighter the day you were born,
    and I know my world became brighter the day I met you.
    Today on your birthday,
    I celebrate you because one thing is for sure;
    seasons will change, time will fly but you will always be my mother,
    and that is so true. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.
  • The word “mom” stands for “my only
    motivation”. When I did not even
    believe in myself, you did mom. Now
    I am so proud of me and it is all
    because of you. You are celebrated
    everyday, but I want to use this
    special day to bring out all the
    smiles in you. Await my surprises.
    Happy birthday mom.
  • You are brighter than the sunshine and calmer than the moon,
    You brighten up our mornings and also our afternoons,
    You are so special to us, words will never be enough to say,
    You make us so happy each time you come to dance with us and play.
    So a very Happy Birthday to a person so very dear,
    May you always go around and spread your happy cheer.
    Happy Birthday Mom.
  • The plants are glad to see the sun.
    They turn their faces
    to enjoy the fun!
    When clouds bring down
    a refreshing shower,
    their leaves turn green
    to embellish the flowers.
    Sun or showers,
    Whatever may come,
    those gorgeous flowers
    sing ‘Happy Birthday, Mum!
  • “Wishing you much happiness, dear
    On this special day
    And for the coming year
    May blessings come your way.
  • Be thankful for each day you have
    Thank God in heaven above
    Fill your life with happy not sad.
    Remember you are loved.”
  • Here’s to the woman
    Who makes us feel special every day
    Here’s to the woman
    Who pampers in every possible way
    Here’s to the woman
    Whose love is truly endless
    Here’s to the woman
    Whose motherly concern is limitless
    Here’s to the woman
    Who looks after us day and night
    Here’s to the woman
    Who we love with all our might
    Happy birthday mom

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Funny Birthday Poems for Mom

  • No matter what friends are asserting,
    29 (or other relevant age) creeps away without hurting,
    Your chances for wealth,
    For joy and good health,
    Are still yours with a little exerting.
  • For all the diapers
    that you changed,
    For all the playdates
    you arranged.
  • For all the trips
    back and forth to school,
    For cleaning all the spit up
    and the drool.
  • Why is there only
    one Mother’s Day?
    You should have at least gotten
    the ENTIRE month of May.
  • How I feel about you
    Mother, you bring such happiness
    To everyone and all you do.
  • Now on this birthday
    Our wish for you is this
    May you treat it like a holiday
    And not do any dishes
  • We appreciate your love
    You have given us so much
    We feel you are sent from heaven above
    You always have that caring touch.

Birthday Poems For Mothers

  • So happy, happy birthday to you
    We can ask for no better Mother
    We hope you know you are valued
    Mom, you’re the best, there’s no another.
  • You taught me how to wash my face
    And how to use the potty.
    You made me eat up all my greens
    And wiped my nose when snotty.
  • You taught me to say Please and Thanks,
    Because politeness is the way,
    So ‘Please’ can I borrow some money?
    Just kidding. Happy Birthday Day!
  • I have known you quite a while,
    When you talk, you make me smile.
    A special friend, I will probably keep,
    If you buy me a cool jeep.
  • It’s your birthday, I nearly forgot,
    Searched on-line, bought you squat.
    Hope you don’t turn all bitter,
    Since you’ve never been a quitter.
  • I nearly quit, writing this verse,
    Mind is blank, it’s a curse,
    Soon your party will be here,
    If I wake up, I’ll surely appear.
  • The plants are glad to see the sun.
    They turn their faces
    to enjoy the fun!
    When clouds bring down
    a refreshing shower,
    their leaves turn green
    to embellish the flowers.
    Sun or showers,
    Whatever may come,
    those gorgeous flowers
    sing ‘Happy birthday, Mum!’
  • Its your birthday again
    God please save me from this torture
    Again I have to pretend
    And do things to please you
    Again I have to buy every stuff so new
    Oh your birthday is so much fun
    I was just doing some time pass
    Please don’t mean it or none
    Coz your birthday fun has just began
    Wishing a very happy birthday to you
    God bless you!
  • Mom, you know the worst of me,
    My weaknesses and follies,
    I know you’ve seen me poop my pants
    and cut the heads off dollies,
  • You taught us well
    We think you are swell
    Happy Birthday Mom
  • You look so fat with that shirt
    And age is looking on your face
    Oh you have also lost that grace
    Your birthday is a special time
    When you can forget all this a while
    And enjoy your day to have some fun
    Because you are truly the number one
    Wishing a very happy birthday to you
    God bless you!
  • As a mom you are number one
    A parent who is second to none
    On Mothers Day, chores you should shun
    For it is time for relaxation and fun
    Even if at the end of the day nothing gets done
    Just remember we will still love you a ton!
  • Hearts would no longer be warm
    Life, be buried deep in a storm
    The world wouldn’t be round
    Happiness, would nowhere be found
    Spring wouldn’t be spring
    Love, would be a forgotten thing
    The skies wouldn’t be so blue
    None of this, if not for you
    Happy Birthday Mom
  • As I get older
    As I grow wings and fly away
    I see what it takes
    To be a mom and save the day
    As I become mature
    As I learn the ropes of life
    I see the sacrifices you make
    To be a mom and a wife
  • Here’s to
    The wonderful woman you are
    You are not just my mom
    The family’s brightest star
    Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday, Mom!
    I hope everyone can see,
    What a great mom you’ve always been,
    And how much you mean to me.
    I always think about you,
    In times both good and bad,
    For the things you taught are with me,
    In happy times and sad.
    On your birthday I wish you joy,
    Just like you pass around.
    May all your good times multiply,
    And happiness abounds.
  • Happy birthday to you,
    You still look the same over the years,
    Some sort of makeup you use,
    Oh I did not mean to make fun,
    Because you always look number one
    Stay blessed!
    Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to the most important person in your life — your mom! She is the reason you are breathing right now, and the reason you get to spend your days with your friends and family. She may not know it, but she’s a mom too. She loves with all her heart and has sacrificed a lot for you and your family.

Even though she does a lot for you every day, every now and then, you should get to spend some time with her and your friends and family too. Celebrate her birthday by being the reason why you get to spend your days with her. Let these birthday poems for mom help you do just that!

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